• buses Bus routes are authorized by the Board of Education and any requests for a change must be submitted to the Transportation Department. Please call the Transportation department at 807-3875 to request a change.
    Transportation services shall be provided to meet the needs of the students of the District within specified limits and areas established by the Board of Education.

    If your child is attending a daycare or babysitter, you must fill out a Transportation Request Form by Aug. 1 for busing in September.

Mileage Eligibility

  • The above mileage policy is adhered to in providing transportation to both public and non-public students attending schools within the City School District boundaries.

NFTA Bus Passes

  • Resident students who attend private or parochial schools outside the District and desire an NFTA bus pass must request such transportation by April 1.

More Information

    Bus Most bus stops are established at street corners and fire hydrants. Consistency and fairness are key standards in implementing the policy. Bus routes are revised every year based on changes in student attendance patterns as they advance to higher grades or move out of the District.