Services Offered

  • School Counselors

    Our counselors utilize the career development continuum to help students effectively and realistically plan for their futures.  Counselors assist students in learning more about themselves, making appropriate choices, and accessing college and scholarship information or post-secondary career information. 

    Services include college, career, individual, and academic counseling, course selection, 4 year planning, scheduling, financial aid guidance, grade reporting services, goal setting, interest/aptitude/PSAT/SAT/ACT Testing, family referrals, and college and scholarship application processing.

    School counselors are also trained to work with students individually, in small groups, and in classroom settings to assist students, parents, and faculty in dealing with crisis situations, interpersonal concerns, and making referrals to the Student Support Team, Committee on Special Education, and other community agencies.

    *Students are encouraged to make appointments as needed.

    School Psychologists

    School psychologists have specialized competencies in assessment, remediation strategies, and research. They provide help in the areas of understanding the learning process, interpersonal relationships, and the dynamics of personality. Within the schools, psychologists serve as consultants and diagnosticians in regards to behavior and the educational management of the individual child’s learning situation.

    School Social Worker

    School social workers work with faculty and families to identify and assist students who are experiencing difficulties academically, emotionally, and socially. The school social worker serves as an advocate, liaison, coordinator, case manager, and consultant for students, parents, school staff, and community agency personnel. Social workers are available to be participants in various school conferences, initiate phone contacts with parents and agency personnel, and provide consultation/staff development on various social work related issues for teachers.

    School Nurses
    School nurses work with children, parents, and other professional members of the student services team. Their responsibilities include the planning and supervision of activities related to health screening programs, emergency care, health appraisal of children, and the interpretation of health needs, resources, and health records. In addition, school nurses make referrals for health counseling and home visits. See Health Services.

    School Physician

    The school physician is employed part-time and serves as an integral part of the school teaming process by providing student assessments, sports physicals, and consulting with staff. He also provides medical direction for planning the health services program and the work of the nurses within the schools.

    Speech Therapists

    Speech language terapists work with students who many exhibit communicative needs in the areas of articulation, language, fluency (stuttering), and voice or hearing loss. They provide diagnostic assessments, participate on student support teams, and attend the Committee on Special Education on behalf of their students. Speech therapists work closely with parents, building staff, administrators, community agencies, and area clinics in order to develop individualized programs to correlate speech and language skill development in relation to the learning process.