The children have spent many years "learning to read"  and will now be "reading to learn" across all content areas. Silent Reading takes place everyday in Room 23. Please be sure your child has a book to read. Fifth graders should be able to sustain 20-30 minutes of silent reading, not wandering around looking for a book to read.
        Presently, all fifth graders are reading Matilda, in preparation for our field trip to Shea's in November.  The free field trip will take place on Wednesday evening, November 4, 2015. More information will be forthcoming. We are participating in workshops with teaching artists from Shea's on a weekly basis. We will then compare/contrast the movie and the musical with the book.
       Shortly, we will be starting the NYS Modules. Children will be close reading articles, documents, and parts of novels to deepen their comprehension levels. They will be expected to work in small groups quietly. This is also a time when I will work closely with small groups.
       Over the course of the year, our writing focus will be on informative, persuasive and narrative writing. 
       We will be completing monthly reading/writing projects in fifth grade. Each month, you will be assigned a genre to read and a project to complete. All directions and materials will be provided,including rubrics to show you just what to do to get an A! 
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