Head Lice

  • Protocol

    • Upon discovery of head lice on a child’s hair, the school nurse will immediately call the parent or guardian. Information about head lice and recommended actions will be provided.
    • Parents will be encouraged to discuss the matter with the school nurse and will be assured that the district will strive to maintain student privacy and anonymity.
    • Students will be sent home or excluded from school if live head lice are found.
    • In the secondary schools, communication with close friends and family members and screenings will occur as appropriate, at the school nurse’s discretion.
    • Upon re-entry into school, the child will be checked by the school nurse.

    Other Action

    • The school nurses will work to educate parents and families of affected children about head lice treatment and prevention.
    • The district website will be used to communicate information about head lice and related recommended actions.

    More Information