FAQ's About Immunizations

  • Q: What immunizations are required for school entry?
    Q: What if my child does not have the required immunizations?
    A grace period of 14 calendar days or 30 calendar days for out-of-state transfers is allowed for the parent/guardian to produce verification. The grace period begins on day of registration. Students who have not received required immunizations, with no proof of an appointment will be excluded from school following phone and mail contact from the school nurse.

    Q: Are there any exceptions to these immunization requirements?
    Medical exemptions must have a note from a physician stating reason for exemption and duration of exemption. While religious exemptions were accepted in the past, please be advised that New York State repealed the provisions of the Public Health Law permitting parents to request an exemption from immunization requirements based upon statements of religious belief. For more information on what to do now, please review the CDC Recommended Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule and frequently asked questions on vaccination requirements from New York State.

    Q: What are acceptable proofs of immunizations?
    Acceptable proof of immunizations includes doctor’s record or notation on a physical appraisal form, or records from a clinic or health department. Immunizations from a previous school health office are NOT acceptable.

    Q: Where can I obtain a copy of my child’s immunization record?
    A copy of your child’s immunization record may be obtained from the school nurse. This copy is not acceptable as a transfer record to a new school.