• Physical Type

    Grade Level

    Who can provide
    the physical?


    Forms Required

    Pre-K, K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11

    Special Education
    (every 3 years)

    Working Papers
    A personal physician


    District health care provider

    School physicals must be completed by a NYS licensed provider.
    On your own


    Set dates through the year; check with the nurse in your building.
    Use the Health Appraisal Form located on the District Health Forms page.
    ATHLETIC All students in grades 7-12 who wish to play sports.

    A personal physician


    District health care provider

    Athletic physicals must be completed by a NYS licensed provider.

    During the school year, physicals for all three sports seasons are scheduled at the school building (NTI, MS and HS).
    Students are encouraged to get the physical during the May or June sessions.
    A parent/guardian must first sign up athlete on Family ID. Signups cannot be completed until 30 days before opening day.
    Contact athletic directors office with any questions.  716-807- 3647.
  • School Physicals 

    If your child is entering pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, grade 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 or 11 in September, a mandated physical examination by a New York-licensed provider is required. Your private healthcare provider is the best person to conduct this exam. Make your appointment early, as it can take three months to schedule exams over the busy summer. NYS law requires these exams and schools are obligated to enforce the requirement. Please retain a copy of all certificates for your records before you submit them to the school nurse. Use the District Health Appraisal Form, found on the District Health Forms page. Only the approved form will be accepted. See FAQ's About Physicals for more information.

    **PLEASE NOTE: If a written copy of the physical is not received, the District will provide a physical by our district health care providers. School physicals will begin in October. Please note that physicals include genital exams for the boys and breast exams for the girls. It would be helpful to your child if you prepare him/her for this part of the exam.

    Athletic Physicals

    SPORTS PHYSICALS FROM YOUR PRIVATE PHYSICIAN WILL NOW BE ACCEPTED. All potential North Tonawanda City School District athletes are required to obtain a sports physical every calendar year. According to the New York State Education Department Commissioner’s Regulations, specifically, CR135.4(c)(7)(i) - “It shall be the duty of the trustees and board of education … to permit no pupil to participate in such activity without the approval of the school medical officer.” Therefore, the school physician or nurse practitioner retains final approval on any physicals performed by a student’s personal physician. If needed, free physicals by our Board-approved physician(s) will take place during the school year. A Pre-Participation Form must be filled out prior to your scheduled physical. No student will be allowed to try out for a team without a current sports physical on file with the Health Office.