• homework
    O.S.C.A.R.- Outstanding Students Care About Reading
    • Every night your child will bring home a book. 
    • Have your child read for 20 minutes per night.
    • Discuss the story with your child.  Practice ther comoprehension stragegies we've been learning in class:  Using Background Knowledge, Making Connections, and Retelling.
    • Have your child record the book title on his/her planner.
    • Sign the yellow parent signature box on your child's planner.
    • On day 1 your child will receive their list of 10 spelling words.  The spelling words will be glued inside of your child's planner.
    • Throughout the week we will practice these 10 words along with other words that follow the same spelling pattern.  Students will sort words, practice word families, and manipulate the words in many fun and interactive ways.
    • On day 6 your child will take a spelling test.  The spelling test will include a word sort and dictation sentences.  It will include the 10 spelling words listed in your child's planner as well as 10 additional words that follow the same spelling pattern.
    • Have your child practice his or her basic math addition and subtraction facts.  This could be done through flashcards, board games, or Internet games.