Interpreting Test Scores
    Psycho-educational test scores can be complicated to interpret.  Standard scores are used with intelligence and academic achievement tests.  Using a "normal curve" to help interpret standard scores can be helpful in determining where a child falls in relation to their peers.
    normal curve
    The blue area of the above image would be considered the Average range.  This is where 68% of the population would fall.  The red area to the right of the blue would be considered Above Average or High Average depending on the test.  The red area to the left of the blue would be considered Below Average or Low Average depending on the test.  The yellow area on the far right would be the Superior range or the highest 2% of the population, and the yellow on the far left would be Well Below Average or the lowest 2 % of the population. 
    Generally, the Average range includes standard scores 90 through 110, with 100 being the middle score on the normal curve.
    Psycho-educational Assessment Tools used most often at NT: