What Do School Psychologists Do?
    Assessment:  School psychologists are responsible for conducting psycho-educational assessments in schools.  These assessments are often used to determine how children are functioning cognitively as well as how well they are progressing with their academics (reading, writing, math).  Behavioral information may also be included in psycho-educational assessments if it is relevant.  Results of these assessments are then used to determine appropriate ways to teach children in order to help them be successful.
    ConsultationSchool psychologists often consult with faculty members in schools (teachers, related service professionals, administrators).  They have extensive background in behavior management as well as implementing effective interventions so they can be helpful resources in those areas.
    CounselingSchool psychologists have training and background in counseling as well, so they are able to provide this service in schools.  However, in the North Tonawanda City School District, the Social Workers are normally responsible for the counseling services.
    InterventionSchool psychologists are often responsible for coming up with effective interventions.  Interventions can target managing behaviors in the classroom as well as academic performance.  Interventions are individualized to the specific child and his or her needs and generally stem from assessment procedures.