• General Homework Information


    Homework Assignments:
    In our room homework is assigned daily Monday - Thursday.  All assignments are written into Student Manilla Planners each day and checked by me.  Parents...please inital in box to indicate that you have reviewed homework with your child for the night.  I greatly appreciate this!
    Reading Is Simply Essential (RISE):
    In addition to the daily assignments, first graders are expected to read at home for a minimum of 15 minutes at least 3-4 times a week including the weekends.  Daily reading reinforces fluency, rate of speed, comprehension and pure enjoyment and relaxation.  Reading each night will help your child meet their Strive for 25 goal.
    Questions About Homework:
    Parents are invited to email Mrs. Moore homework questions, or write notes requesting homework clarification in their child's student planner.