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    Today is Sunday, July 21, 2024

    Each day's work can be done on a separate sheet of paper. 

    Practice your quality of work skills with the

    proper heading,

    holes go on the left side,

    and use pencil.

    You can also Save the pdf to FILES -> on my iPad.

    It will be in your FILES app -> on this iPad.

    EDIT -> Mark right on the file.

    You can correct your own work when you are done

    as the answer key is included.


    Week of March 30th - Integers Review 4Math 7 Task Cards (Order of Operations), & Math 7 Quizizz

    Answer Keys:  Integer Review 4 Ans. Key & Order of Operations Task Cards Ans. Key

    Accelerated Math 7 - Acc Math 7 Task Cards (Laws of Exponents) & do the above Integers Review 4

    Answer Keys:  Integers Review 4 Ans. Key & Laws of Exponents Task Cards Ans. Key

    March 26th - Integers Review 2 & Integers Review 3

    March 25th -  Integers Review 1 & Remind Instructions

    Mrs. Sturgeon's Email:


    (716)807-3700 ext. 3159


     Classroom Rules:
    1.  Listen carefully to instructions.
    2.  Raise your hand & wait to speak.
    3.  Be prepared with supplies.
    Δ   Red Binder - 1"
    Δ   Pencil & Pen
    Δ   Calculator
    Δ   Take home Binder with Planner/Agenda
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