• Hello, Welcome to My Our 7th Grade Science Class!
    Friday, July 19, 2024
    Mrs. Munnikhuysen; E-mail is BEST!
    Here you will find information about your science class.
    General Overview:
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    This year we will study Phyiscal Science which is a half year of Chemistry and a half year of Physics. When you go to the High School, you will take these classes at a higher level. Character education is a huge part of this course also. Expect to be challenged on many levels.
    Class consists of a variety of activities ranging from traditional work to as many lab activities as possible. Grades are determined by test, quiz, lab, project and notebook grades. Extra credit is available (and posted on this website) every marking period for all students that have completed their assignments.
    I will post homework assignments, important quiz, test, project dates, ect on the "homework link" on this site. Sometimes on the Parent Portal, a grade will have a comment (i.e. why really low or bonus points added). It should be noted that homework is usually only work that is not finished in class in the time available or a project outside of class.
    I am always available for help before school, during enrichment period, (get a pass ahead of time per team policy) lunch and after school by appointment. Get your "Munni's worth!"
    Mrs. Munnikhuysen ($)
    Don't you know that in a race all the runners run for the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize!
    * Please note that the phone will not ring in the classroom and that you have to leave a voice mail. Email is preferred (email address at the top of this page.)
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