• What is Character Education?
    As defined by Dr. Thomas Lickona, character education is the deliberate effort to develop virtues that are good for the individual and good for society.  In the North Tonawanda City School District, we believe in promoting a learning environment that values student success, parent and community partnerships, and staff excellence.  Our goal in providing character education is to develop the abilities of children to become responsible for their own behavior as well as to strengthen identified character traits that will help our students to become successful, contributing members of society. 

    Character Traits we value in the North Tonawanda City School District are:


    Being accountable in word and deed; having a sense of duty to fulfill tasks with reliability, dependability, and commitment.

    Pursuing worthy objectives with determination and patience while exhibiting fortitude when confronted with failure.

    Showing understanding of others by treating them with kindness, compassion, generosity, and a forgiving spirit.

    Demonstrating hard work in controlling emotions, words, actions, impulses, and desires; putting forth one’s best effort in all situations.

    Being law abiding and involved in service to school, community, and country.

    Telling the truth and admitting wrongdoing; being trustworthy and acting with integrity.

    Doing the right thing in the face of difficulty and following one’s conscience instead of the crowd.

    Practicing justice, equity, and equality; cooperating with one another; recognizing the uniqueness and value of each individual within our diverse society.

    Showing high regard for an authority, other people, self, and country; treating others as one would want to be treated and understanding that all people have value as human beings.

    A firm adherence to a code of moral and ethical values; being honest, trustworthy, and incorruptible.

    A love for and loyalty to one's country.



    The socially correct way of behaving that includes standards for conduct such as politeness and etiquette.



    Working or acting together for a common purpose or benefit.


    Creativity and Imagination

    Originality and inventiveness.