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High School:

James Fisher, Principal
Kristopher Clester, Assistant Principal
Bradley Rowles, Assistant Principal
Rachel Wagner, Assistant Principal

HS Office: 716-807-3600
HS Attendance: 807-3649 (last names A-L) or 807-3616 (last names M-Z)
HS Counseling: 716-807-3642
District Directory: 716-807-3655

Middle School:

Gregory Burgess, Principal
John Steckstor, Assistant Principal 

MS Office: 716-807-3700
MS Fax: 716-807-3701
MS Attendance: 716-807-3716
Daily Homework Assignments: 716-807-3720
District Directory: 716-807-3655

Drake Elementary:

Katie Smith, Principal 

Office: 716-807-3725
Fax: 716-807-3726
Health Office: 716-807-3732
District Directory: 716-807-3655

Meadow Elementary:

Janet Matyevich, Principal 
Rachel Wagner, Assistant Principal 

Office: 716-807-3825
Fax: 716-807-3835
Health Office: 716-807-3828
District Directory: 716-807-3655

Ohio Elementary:

Michael Hiller, Principal 

Office: 716-807-3800
Fax: 716-807-3801
Health Office: 716-807-3802
District Directory: 716-807-3655

Spruce Elementary:

Patricia Adler, Principal

Office: 716-807-3850
Fax: 716-807-3858
Health Office: 716-807-3854
District Directory: 716-807-3655

Grant School:

35 Grant Street
North Tonawanda, NY 14120


Gregory J. Woytila, Superintendent of Schools

North Tonawanda City School District
176 Walck Road
North Tonawanda, New York 14120-4097
(716) 807-3500 FAX (716) 807-3525
Debra Bundt, Secretary to the Superintendent